Health & Safety

Hard HatHeavey Kenny Associates is committed to the principle that Health and Safety is the responsibility of all members of staff. The company recognises not only the responsibilities placed on it by safety, health, welfare and environmental legislation, but also moral obligations, and accepts that the safety of its employees and those affected by their work must be a priority, and that the impact placed by activities of the company on the environment must be kept to a minimum

The company also recognises that statutory and legal obligations are minimum requirements only. Our legal and moral responsibilities to ourselves and others dictate that everyone must know and comply with the safety, health and environment rules and regulation pertaining to their work

The company believes that the role of the Project Supervisor for Design stage as required should be pro-active, bringing value to a project to provide clients with safe and effectively maintainable buildings and installations. We believe that the Health and Safety file may be developed beyond the minimum requirements of the Health and Safety legislation to create a comprehensive management of Health & Safety issues.

All Engineering staff carry ‘Safe Pass’ cards.